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Sauna & Steam Bath

Sauna und Dampfbad im Hotel Christina

Soothing heat for body and soul

Heat is good for the body and especially beneficial to mental well-being. The heat relieves pain and promotes health; it is a method which has been known for centuries and has been practiced across all cultures. The purifying, soothing and loosening effect of heat is medically proven.

Finnish Sauna

Saunas are a ceremony for the purification of body and soul. The basic principle: No stress, but simply relax and listen to your body!

Our Finnish sauna is heated between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius, the air is dry and once you have heated up, you can treat yourself to a cold shower to get the circulation going.

Tip: A sauna after a long hike or cross-country skiing helps to avoid sore muscles ... or at least alleviate the pain. It is also the best way to warm up after a cold day in the mountains..

Infrared Cabin

Our new infrared sauna is a popular alternative to the main sauna. The lower temperatures of about 48 ° C are particularly suitable for people who dislike the heat and it is less strain on the circulation and the body.

This particularly low heat will help to increase your well-being and to relieve symptoms of muscle pain. The infrared treatment is recommended in combination with a massage for tension and muscle pair!
Time spent in the infrared cabin has similar effects to gentle cardiovascular endurance training.

Herbal Steam Bath

Allow our revitalising steam room to take you into a garden of herbs. Selected herbal extracts enhance the revitalizing effect of the steam room whilst the fragrances relax the body and soul. Deep inhalation of the fine water vapour clears the airways stimulates circulation and leaves the skin skin is supple and soft.

At a very high humidity, the temperature is only 50 degrees Celsius- gentle to your circulation.

After sweating, whether in the sauna, infrared sauna or steam room, cool off and relax! In our soothing relaxation room you will find Vitalbrunnen mountain spring water, which is freely available for your refreshment.

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