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E-bikes at the Achensee

“E-bikes are just for lazy people…” No! E-bikes are driven like normal bikes and have well established itself as new and relaxing method of biking. More and more bikers are changing to the E-bike and are enjoying mountainous terrain: from relaxing to rapid speed, the E-bikes are capable of everything. With these E-bikes driving up a mountain is fun!

Go biking without stress onto the peak and choose at the same time with how much power your bike is supporting you. It feels like built-in tailwind, once experienced you will never want do to anything else. With the help of this built-in electric motor you can bike relaxed through the stunning nature of the Karwendel-valleys.

In the hotel Christina you can reserve an E-bike with your room reservation. We are lending E-bikes for a fee and we also have a charging station. As a guest you are getting a lockable “bike-home” including a cleaning space and a service station.

What are you waiting for? The mountain is calling!